Recording Artiste Sizzla Kalonj In high Spirits

REGGAE recording artiste Sizzla Kalonji could very well be the holder of the record for the most albums released by a Jamaican act. The singjay, who is known for his socially conscious lyrics and has over 90 albums to his credit, is preparing to release his latest project, On a High.

Speaking to the Jamaica Observer’s Splash, Sizzla shared that his reason for releasing so many albums has to to do with the message he feels duty bound to share with his people all over the world.

“I just need to get the message out there. Just like how it is the duty of those whose job is in radio, TV and the press to get messages out there to the people, I don’t see myself any different… my voice is what I use to educate the people. Furthermore, I love the process of making music. From the poetry of writing to recording and listening back to the finished product, I enjoy it all. I have a lot to say so I have recorded a lot of music so, it is my duty to share,” he said.

Sizzla noted that this project is part of a three-year distribution deal with Def Jam Recordings, which sees him taking a more businesslike approach to his work.

“Over the years my lawyers have been telling me that it is time for business. Yes, I have a lot of songs but it’s time to look into things like royalties, wealth creation and the control of my masters. So that’s the approach we took since the project 1RPM as well as Million Times, and now this one.”

A 12-track set, On a High is slated to be released on August 6, Jamaica’s Independence Day.

He noted that while Million Times was a suite of love songs, his tribute to women and a slight deviation from the flame-throwing, militant stance he has become known for, On a High offers something for all musical palates.

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