Breakwaters, Revetments & Marine Structures

Breakwaters, Revetments & Other marine structures  are more than just INA’s core activities. They are at the very foundation of the company. INA is involved in huge, complex marine structure projects nationwide, offering customers cutting-edge solutions. Over the past years, INA has executed major marine engineering infrastructure works such as the development of new jetty, slipway works, residential and recreational areas etc.

Dredging & Land Reclamation

INA has undertaken various dredging and reclamation projects including GDh. Thinadhoo Reclamation project as well as the beach preparation of a newly constructed resort.

Industrial, Civil & Other

INA is also involved highly in Industrial, Civil and other scopes of construction ranging from local island sports grounds to waste management site rectifications. Currently, INA is constructing a 20 room guest house in K.Himmafushi.