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Life after baby is different, euphemistically speaking! While there may be little or no time for yourself, what really take a hit – is the time that spouses have for each other. We love our baby ofcourse and cherish every moment we get to spend together. But we also love our us time – you know, having meaningful conversations, talk about important things ( that do not revolve around pooping,  burping and nap schedules – because let’s face it, as new parents – these are THE important things!)

There are days, when with work and everything else, Amit and I get time to say about 5 lines to each other. So we’ve been making conscious efforts to set aside time for the two of us. It really isn’t a full-blown hit the town, let’s go crazy type thing – that ship has sailed if I am being honest. =)) We love eating out, so we try to coordinate our schedules and meet for lunch between work. Little things like grabbing coffee in the evening or catching a movie in the night after Zoe is in bed are also fun.


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