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Mustard is the color of the summer season, that’s why we know you will love our Kendra Top in Mustard! This top features a scoop neckline, I have been going to Orange Theory Fitness for about 6 months now and am obsessed with it. My friend Emily got me hooked! I tried it out once about 2 years ago and wasn’t crazy about it / was super confused the entire class. It took me going to the class 3x one week to really get the hang of it and learn to love it! I book my classes in advance which makes me super accountable and if I miss a class, I have to pay a penalty fee! This really encourages me to go to class! I also have created a certain time to work out so every morning I am on a routine. I found that doing this has helped me get into the swing of a set schedule! I also started out doing it 3x a week and slowly added 1-2 more classes a week! I now go about 4-5x a week! I also try to either do a 3 mile walk, hot yoga, or spin class once a week as well to change it up! So basically some tips that have worked for me:

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